American Pickers Volkswagen Type 2 Light Truck parked at Antique Archaeology

American Pickers Volkswagen Type 2 Light Truck parked at Antique Archaeology

I couldn’t find any information on this Volkswagen truck on the Antique Archaeology website. From some quick looks around the Internet I’d guess it is a Volkswagen Type 2 Light Truck. If anyone knows the exactly model or any other information feel free to share that in the comments below.

American Pickers

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5 thoughts on “American Pickers Volkswagen Type 2 Light Truck parked at Antique Archaeology”

  1. The car is a VW single cab. Somewhere between 1963-1967. It has the deluxe trim kit, roof rack, and has been lowered.

  2. I tried to contact them to offer my “German” single cab 1973 VW truck, but received no reply. I have a great truck, was used as a firetruck for Honeywell Corp, it has 33,000 miles on the truck. New transmission when I got home from my deployment, soda blasted the entire truck, now cab is green primer, waiting on new owner to complete.

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  3. This is a 1963 single cab. My husband built this truck and sold it when he found something else to buy. It was built in Texas. It has a 1776 motor, Hurst bumper, safaris. We took it to Las Vegas to the VW car shows. Was in several car shows in Texas including The Classic. When he brought her home, she was three different colors…green, brown and black. I told him to put her in the shop until she could be one color. Lots of good times with this truck. I cried when she left on the car hauler. If you want more info, let me know.

  4. I learned to drive and spent many years driving this type of VW Pickup. We had four of them in all. I was on the road almost everyday for years growing up in my fathers furniture business delivering furniture around the greater NH area. Many stories to tell about from flat tires to no heat in the cab. Not to mention engine failures.

    We loved the way the sides dropped down and the bed was above the wheels so the bed was more flat width wise then Fords,etc. We could set sofas,chairs on their feet and deliver with out jamming them onto each other. I wish I had one to drive just one more time..I’m 66 yrs now and haven’t driven one since 1979.

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